The Gugly Centre for Biological Research (GCBR) is a premier and leading Autonomous Organization in Biological sciences in the country. The organization established with a view to finding single window with turn-key solutions to problems of basic and applied aspects. The Gugly Centre for Biological Research (GCBR) is determined to promote scientific temper through innovative technologies and empower scientific communities to benefit the society.

A team of scholars endowed with appropriate expertise work in multi-facet faculties like Basic and Applied Biological Sciences such as Animal Sciences, Aquaculture Sciences, Plant Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Agricultural Sciences. An in-house empanelled team of Advisors with adequate research credibility render counseling while for specific focus areas, service of experts is hired to expedite the mission mode activities. The Gugly Centre for Biological Research envisages to undertake specific projects and programs for human welfare and to enhance scientific social developmental activities in our country

The GCBR envisages:

Individual Science Projects
Cooperative research programmes in collaboration with other institutes
Outsourcing the outreach programmes
Publication of state of art online journal
Threats to humans, atmosphere and water cycle, land and soil and sea
Conservation of Biodiversity
Health and Hygiene
Policy and eco-friendly governance
Abiotic stresses, natural calamities, contingent planning, alternate agriculture
Pollution hazards, mitigation priorities

Our Mission

To ensure research par excellence in developing sustainable and meaningful Basic and Applied Biological research and related societal issues pertinent to Environment.

GCBR endeavors to promote and enrich a center of excellence in which scientific research, education and outreach public domains are joined to strengthen and improve our understanding of environmental science and prioritize adoptable mitigation options to prevent deterioration of ambience through individual and collaborative research

Our Vision

Enabling and strengthening our basic and applied sciences globally competitive through developing eco-friendly and economically viable technologies for better livelihood and nutritional security.

GCBR envisions to share in general: (1) to foster collaborative research between Research Institutes and (Fellowships) scientists; (2) to facilitate participation of citizens, environmentalists, NGOs and other academic scientists and Institutions to use the educational strength of both to train students for productive work in environmental activities and to educate the citizenry about the intellectual interventions and importance of studying and managing our environment.

The current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the academic and research institutions that outlines the purpose, goals and structure of GCBR. In practice, the need for scientific guidance or leadership is linked through interactive yet open communication system between GCBR Advisory Panelists, Investigators and the Director, as well as other expertise hired on “specific case basis”


  • Research on Basic and Applied Biological Sciences with emphasis on environment
  • Agricultural  Research  & Technology Transfer to farmers' field
  • Act as a Nodal Agency for technology development, evaluation, application potential and impact assessment
  • Conservation of Bio-diversity, evolve appropriate recommendations, develop data base of threatened species of extinction and their remedial
  • Work with government, research institutions and non government organizations in different research in Private Public Partnership (PPP) mode

GCBR Award - 2013 for Popularization of Biological Science

National Conference on Water Crisis Management under Changing Climate

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